There are works I created on the Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and Premiere 6.5 software that have garnered me a Suncoast Emmy nomination for Comcast Newsmakers.  I have used Matrox RT.X2 and RTX100 rendering systems, and the Boris suite of products for enhancements.  It was imperative that I shoot some of my own video using the Sony DSR400K DVCAM and HVR-Z1U HDVCAM, Panasonic AG-DVC200 DVCAM, and Philips LDK-700N/Panasonic AJ-D700 DVCPRO25 cameras.  I am well versed in linear and non-linear video in multiple formats.

My engineering background has branched out from technical coordination of live and produced shows.  I can solder to a board level, read and create schematics, generate and read wiring path blueprints on point-to-point wiring, encode and decode, quality control, plus patch and route signal paths both on a local and on a cross-country network.  Several of the positions I have held required satellite coordination, uplink and downlink logistics, master control operations, and multi-format tape duplications/conversions.

Managerial skills have come to me through applied learning.  I have supervised a staff of 7, run my own business, dealt with invoicing and accounts, managed budgets, created goals and lists of accomplishments, and created a network of skilled laborers.  These abilities are a must for any business desiring leadership and direction.