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Traffic Jams Logo

Traffic Jams started our day with wrecks mixed with hits, and weather reports for your morning drive fits.  An ingenious system was put into place, to make Bloomberg TV look like a disgrace.  We made the screen split into five different zones, with maps and info that made us like clones.

Traffic Jams On-Air Screen Capture


WAMI on miami Logo

We continued on with random programming until 2, that's when WAMI on miami was due.  It aired Fox Kids programming with a special flare, it was live and local and on-the-air.  We had Power Rangers, and Life with Louie; plus Digimon, Bobby's World and some things that were, uh, Spidy.  The cut-ins were funny, although not well planned out.  Every now and again, the talent struck out.  We went until 6, and broke down the set... we were just started, the worst wasn't yet.  We did it on weekends for the kids to relish, even going on location to Paseos Mall twice, if you'd like to embellish.

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wami on MIAMI Screenshot wami on MIAMI Screenshot
wami on MIAMI on location
wami on MIAMI Screenshot wami on MIAMI Screenshot


Barcode Logo

A show named Barcode then graced our air, billed as "Club MTV BEWARE!!!"  It lasted a while, but not for long... the concept was trivial, the viewership not strong.  The show died really quick when the chiefs pulled the plug.  There were no more Cyber Lights, and no ooog-a-chug.  We taped all day Saturday to make it go on, but we all grew tired of the same crappy songs.




Interstitials kicked in with some little perks, with lovely young ladies (Veronica and Stephanie) making a  flirt.  They previewed what would be coming up next, on location from South Florida's bests.  All over town they'd constantly go, with events and happenings as the sets for their show.  It came to pass and evolve a bit too, after a year it changed to WAMI Live! with guys on the crew.  LIVE! first looked like the killed off kids show as some its hosts found other jobs rather slow.  That soon passed, and all that was left, was a guy (Don) on the right and a girl (Jill) on the left.  Natalie Angel stepped in too, when she was no longer needed to the Florida Marlins crew.  The idea was to bring our studio to you, it was incorporated in everything they'd do.  "The City Is Our Studio" was the theme, at the top is the van that went to the scene.  It became an extension of our marketing arm, but the costs involved set off an alarm.  The concept died after two years on-air, the "local feeling" ended right there.

Don and Jill - LIVE! hosts

Elvis doing a LIVE! hit


The Times Logo #2

At 7 PM, we were all set... for a news show no one will soon forget.  The Times went on and uncovered the dirt, but "if it bleeds, it leads" was not the headline they'd skirt.  In-depth reporting, from people who cared and took the initiative to put it on-air.  The show stayed around long, right near to the end, but low ratings came in and brought the show to an end.  Budget cuts came, year after year, and Barry Diller kept it on until 2000 cleared.  It was an original show, right from the start, with an Amy Atkins (from Good Morning America) lead-off and a Ben Mankiewicz depart.  We all enjoyed the vinegar and spit, developed from one Ms. M.J. Witt.  But she too moved on, and so did others... the show lost a lot of our sisters and brothers.  Lara finally decided to be "On the Loose" and Johnnie U wanted to give his abilities more of a boost.  John Mattes asked what "Jesus would do" and as he left asked "what about the victims" too.  Diane Moca drifted away, and Lisa Cabrera went to CBS4, not far away.  Several more names stayed 'til the end, but naming them all would never end.  Alan Cohn, Danielle Serino, Miguel Piedra, Fay Fredricks, Jim Altman, Steve Olfman, Marc Mooney, Steve Alvarez... all of you anchors were "simply the best."  The rest of you know who you are from the top to the bottom, and a fine job by all will not be forgotten.  Good times came, and good times went, but in our hearts December 8, 2000 is a date we won't forget.

The Times Logo #3

The Times Logo #4


Out LOUD Logo

The 7:30 show had a political taste, it was called Out LOUD in a public affairs space.  FCC perks encouraged us put this one in, but ratings came down and it didn't win.  Bill Teck was the host from the start to the end, but in keeping things calm he lacked much a shagrin.  We tried everything to make it stay fresh, but sometimes you say you gave it your best.  Bill just had too much on his plate, he did this and Generation 's magazine that kept him up late.  No one cried when he hung up his vest, 'cause Bill was in need of some much needed rest.


Generation  Logo

Lips Logo

Ocean Drive Magazine Logo

Forgive or Forget The Magic Hour

Other shows came and checker-boarded our slate, the goal was simple, make it look great.  Generation , Forgive or Forget, Lips, plus Ocean Drive... and The Magic Hour, (a.k.a. Tragic Hour) which all didn't survive.

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Picture of Matti Leshem

Neil at Night made "TV Get Ugly..." Matti Leshem pulled the plug, losing us lots of money.  Neil, the shock-jock, pissed Matti off... he put on a baseball cap that he wouldn't take off.  The cap had a postcard with lips smoking seven joints taped above its brim; for Neil it was free speech and Matti, a sin.  They both ended up in cross-platformed on-air fights, quarreling and groveling both days and nights.  The show had great promise and drew a big crowd, but when it came to Matti, only his ego was allowed.

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Neil Rogers... Neil #@$%! at Night

Matti Leshem



Neil Rogers

South Florida Shock Jock, 560 WQAM-AM